Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Upcoming: Blackest Night: The Flash #1

Blackest Night has fallen on the DC Universe and, I have to admit, it's pretty damn exciting. The War of Light mythology crafted by Geoff Johns has left me utterly engrossed in all things Green Lantern. (Of course, it's even better that Barry Allen has been playing such a significant role in the proceedings!) The dramatic crossover continues this December in Blackest Night: The Flash, one of a number of mini-series spinning out of the event and a direct follow-up to The Flash: Rebirth. Who is the mysterious, electrified figure depicted on Scott Kolins's black-and-white tribute cover? Considering the unexpected death that began The Flash: Rebirth, I'm wagering that the Black Flash will soon be resurrected in a manner that casts the specter of speedster death as a manifestation of the dreaded Black Lantern Corps. Readers will soon learn the truth, along with the identities of those deceased Rogues who are being resurrected as Black Lanterns! Flash fans already know that this mini-series will be worth it just for its creative team. Newsarama has DC's full December solicitations.

Written by Geoff Johns; Art and cover by Scott Kolins; Variant cover by Francis Manapul. The Flashes of Two Cities--Barry Allen and Wally West--battle the undead Rogues. Will the legendary speedsters be able to handle the Black Lantern Rogues' revenge? Plus, witness the resurrection of Barry's greatest enemy, the Reverse Flash, in this hyper-speed miniseries event reuniting the fan-favorite Flash creative team of Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins! On sale December 2. DC Universe. 1 of 3. 32 pg. FC. $2.99 US.

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