Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tom vs. The Flash

In this blog's sidebar you'll find links to a number of entertaining blogs and websites dedicated to the colorful superheroes and supervillains of the DC Universe. Today, I'd like to point out one in particular.

If you're not listening to Tom vs. The Flash, you should be. Tom Katers's high-energy retellings capture all that's fun and exciting about Silver Age issues of The Flash. The storytelling is breathless, chanelling all of the madcap energy of Barry Allen's wildest exploits. On top of that, these podcasts are absolutely hilarious, though it's important to note that each joke-filled performance clearly stand as a celebration, not a spoof. You can just hear Tom grinning like a madman through each and every adventure. I would say that these comic book capers couldn't be more appropriately rendered as vocal narratives. How he's able to maintain that non-stop schedule of his, I'll never know, but they're all there--every one of The Flash's classic adventures. I admire his dedication.

You can download each of the archived podcasts at the Tom vs. The Flash website or via iTunes. For newcomers, I can't think of a better place to start than the recently recorded Tom vs. The Flash #210, a retelling of the unforgettable "An Earth Divided!" by Cary Bates and Irv Novick. This stuff is priceless. Load these babies on your iPod and enjoy some of the scarlet speedster's Silver Age silliness on your commute to work or during your next jog. This is just the sort of audio entertainment any reader of Crimson Lightning is bound to enjoy.

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