Thursday, July 02, 2009

Find the Flash: Wizard World Philly

Over at the amazing Aquaman Shrine, our friend Rob Kelly has posted a report on his recent visit to the Wizard World Philly convention. Rob made sure to snap photos of some of the best costumes he spotted amongst the crowd. Among them is a portrait of this familiar figure sporting lightning bolts and a winged tin hat. Jay Garrick's costume is an undeniable classic and it's always wonderful to see some enthusiastic Flash fan bring it to life.


rob! said...

Jeez, duh--I didn't even think to send this to you! Glad you decided to use it--that was a sharp costume that guy put together.

Dixon said...

No problem, Rob. I always keep my eye out for Flash related convention photos, and you know that I watch the Shrine like a haw--er, like a particularly sharp-sighted fish. You're right, that's one sharp recreation of Jay's costume!