Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Find the Flash: Comic-Con '09

No, you're not seeing double. This snapshot, which could be appropriately subtitled "Flash of Two Worlds!," captures a pair of scarlet speedsters, both dressed in the distinctive garb of the one and only Jay Garrick. This particular photograph is extra special, however, because there on the left is our good buddy Kelson Vibber! Reporting from the floor of the San Diego Comic-Con, Kelson has observed that, for one reason or another, nearly all of this year's attendees dressed as the fastest man alive have donned Jay's classic costume; there seemed to be no Wally Wests or Barry Allens in attendance. It looks like Golden Age threads are back in style. Visit Speed Force to read Kelson's convention updates or to peruse his photo album. I'd say that winged tin hat suits you, Kelson!


Dixon said...

No problem, Kelson! That's a brilliant costume. You should be proud.

I love looking at photographs of the costumes that fans come up with for events like Comic-Con. It's so interesting to see what characters the fans choose to become. I'll have to browse through a few more photostreams at Flickr. I'd love to see that Black Flash!

LissBirds said...

What a sweet picture! It's nice to see some Golden Age heroes. :)