Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Find the Flash: Wizard World Texas

Wizard has posted a photographic walk-through of Saturday's events at Wizard World Texas. Among the costumed fans caught on camera was this pint-sized duo straight from the cover of The Brave and the Bold, a young Flash and Green Lantern. Judging by the heroic stance assumed by L'il Lantern, these boys seem like they would be a superpowered force to be reckoned with--that is, once they've grow into those masks of theirs!


rob! said...

awww....Li'l Flash, and Li'l Lantern!

Dixon said...

I knew you'd appreciate this, Rob. You and I share an outlook on comics in general, I think, and in an age where the medium increasingly panders to a more mature audience, it's very reassuring to see the next generation of comic fans are as enthusiastic about these heroes as we were at that age.