Monday, November 03, 2008

Flash Facts: 1,000mph on Land

The BBC is reporting that the team that established a land-speed record by breaking the sound barrier with a car is preparing for another high-speed endeavor by constructing a car that will be capable of traveling faster than a speeding bullet--literally. "RAF pilot Andy Green made history in 1997 when he drove the Thrust SSC jet-powered vehicle at 763mph (1,228km/h). Now he intends to get behind the wheel of a car that is capable of reaching 1,000mph (1,610km/h). Known as Bloodhound, the new car will be powered by a rocket bolted to a Eurofighter-Typhoon jet engine. The team-members have been working on the concept for the past 18 months and expect to be ready to make their new record attempt in 2011."


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the rocket sled used for acceleration testing that played a role in naming Murphy's Law. (And showed up, transplanted to Area 51, in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)

Dixon said...

Wow. That's an interesting link, Kelson! Thanks for the addendum.