Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Fast Talk: Circulatory Lightning-Shot

Circulatory Lightning-Shot: It's clear that the Weather Wizard has access to some truly astonishing technology. What's more astonishing is the recklessness with which he sometimes wields that technology. Here, using some sort of reflector emitting "strange radition," the Weather Wizard has paralyzed both Kid Flash and the Elongated Man with a so-called lightning-shot, the effects of which are "to stop your circulation!" To anyone with even a passing familiarity with human biology it should be clear that Wally and Ralph are facing far more dire consequences than temporary paralysis! If I could pass along some advice to poor misguided Mark Mardon I'd suggest that, however desperate he might be, he stop short of using his meteorological mastery to tamper with the organ systems of his arch-enemy's sidekicks.

Issue: The Flash #130 (August 1962)

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