Thursday, March 15, 2007

Screen Grabs

Thanks to the efforts of Kelson Vibber, the man behind Those Who Ride the Lightning, Crimson Lightning's bi-weekly Live Action feature will now include screen grabs from The Flash television series. I had hoped to post memorable imagery from the series as part of the ongoing feature and now, with Kelson's help, it looks like that's going to happen. The existing entries for "Pilot" and "Out of Control" have already been updated. My thanks go out to Kelson for his generosity.

Those Who Ride the Lightning, it should be noted, features an extensive sub-section dedicated to The Flash television series. There you'll find profiles on the show's memorable cast of characters--heroes, villains, friends, and family. Readers looking for more information on the series should be certain to reference the site.

Live Action will continue, of course, next Thursday with "Watching the Detectives," another action-packed adventure for the fastest man on television!


Mad Mac Genius said...

If you need some hi-res screen grabs, let me know. Always happy to help out a Flash-fan!

Dixon said...

With your help, Kelson and Steve, I should be all set! Thank you both. It's great to have someone willing and able to contribute. I really appreciate it.