Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Recognizing Ringo

Over at Comic Book Resources, the latest installment of Bill Reed's 365 Reasons to Love Comics spotlights a talented artist who first grabbed the attention of readers everywhere by visually redefining the fastest man alive--Mike Wieringo.

Mike Wieringo (or just Ringo, as many call him) is a great artist. Call him cartoony if you want, but he’s got an energetic, clean style that has all the right hints of Parobeck, Kirby, and Romita Jr. in it, to name a few... I first encountered his work on The Flash with Mark Waid, where he illustrated one of my favorite issues of any comic ever (and which I see will be appearing in a Greatest Flash Stories Ever Told volume!): [The Flash (v.2) #91].

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Zeke said...

I can't agree on this one -- at least the Flash connection. FLASH #80 nearly put me off the title altogether. After years of fantastic art from Greg LaRocque, I couldn't believe we were supposed to take this oversimplified, cartoonish style seriously. I find it downright painful to compare "Return of Barry Allen" with "Terminal Velocity." Weiringo has made progress since then, but the essential cartoonishness is still there; to me, it seriously weakened Mark Waid's FF run. There are many artists who would make my "365 Reasons" list before he would.

- Z