Thursday, March 01, 2007

In Search of Screen Grabs

One element that will be missing from the new bi-weekly Live Action feature is episode-specific images from The Flash television series. I always strive to post appropriate artwork or imagery with this blog's posts, but high-quality photographs from The Flash television series are hard to come by. Unfortunately, although the series has been out for some time on DVD, I haven't found any site online that offers screen captures from the series and I'm not able to create them myself. If anyone has any suggestions in this regard, please feel free to post them. The next installment of Live Action will be posted, with images or without, next Thursday.


West said...

You seem to have higher standards than I.

I say, snap a quick pic of the screen with your camera, upload it, and call it a day.

Some may look funky, but I'd think you'd end up with some decent shots.

Kelson said...

I took some screencaps for the character profiles I wrote last year. Assuming a system update hasn't broken the software (which has happened before), I should be able to snag a few more.

Drop me an email and let me know what scenes/characters you need.

Dixon said...

Thanks, Kelson! That's very kind. I'll be e-mailing.