Monday, November 06, 2006

Project Rooftop

Dean Trippe directs our attention to Project Rooftop's latest selection, a complete redesign of the Flash's costume by an artist named Bannister. In keeping with Project Rooftop's goals, the detailed design is rather radical in its approach to reimagining the character's tried-and-true traditional costume. Bannister has replaced the familiar trappings of the scarlet speedster's uniform with elements inspired by the gear worn by bicyclists and sprinters.

Bannister has managed to simplify the Scarlet Speedster’s colors and iconography from the Flashes of the past and gone in a bolder direction, though I think on the same path that Wally West established after taking over for Barry Allen. Wally retained Barry’s major elements, but his uniform’s material always looked more advanced, more aerodynamic and resistant to friction. Barry’s lightning belt design was also modified to look more dynamic. It has a futuristic feel, which works with Bart’s origin. I mean, if you were suddenly living several centuries ago, wouldn’t you try to find outfits that were more like the modern attire you were used to?

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