Wednesday, November 22, 2006

On the Road

Today, on what is traditionally the busiest day of travel of the entire year, we're all wishing that we possessed the powers of super-speed. I am, at the very least. It would be a joy to spend a few moments channeling the speed force rather than a number of hours behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, we can't all be as lucky as Barry Allen, granted astonishing abilities via freak electrocution. (Although, apparently there's some potentially dangerous Superman merchandise available this holiday season that might do just that for a few lucky youngsters! Zap.) Unfortunately, we'll have to join millions of ordinary men and women in taking to the skies and roadways in the traditional way. I'll be updating the blog during the next few days if I'm able to.

Travel safely, boys and girls.


Anonymous said...

Here's a to-go cup for you while traveling.

Dixon said...