Wednesday, November 08, 2006

On Sale: Absolute New Frontier

Today, DC Comics has released a hardcover Absolute edition of Darwyn Cooke's DC: The New Frontier. The epic crossover bridges the Golden and Silver Age of comics and, as a result, prominently features the likes of Barry Allen and the Martian Manhunter as symbols of the Silver Age, representative of the new era's breed of superheroes . The story is also soon to be adapted by Warner Bros. Animation for a direct-to-DVD film release.

Written by Darwyn Cooke; Art and Cover by Darwyn Cooke.

Writer/illustrator Darwyn Cooke's critically acclaimed masterpiece DC: The New Frontier is celebrated in this oversized Absolute edition featuring new story pages, detailed annotations, alternate sequences and an extensive gallery of sketches, pinups, action figure art and much more!

In the 1950s, Cold War paranoia outlawed the Mystery Men of the Golden Age. Stalwarts such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman continued to fight for truth and justice, but as the world hurtled toward an uncertain future, it would take a new breed of hero to define the American Way. DC: The New Frontier takes readers on an epic journey from the end of the Golden Age of heroes to the beginnings of the legendary Justice League of America.

Darwyn Cooke's most ambitious project yet features the stunning color art of Dave Stewart, an introduction by DC's President and Publisher Paul Levitz, and an afterword by Cooke.

DC Universe. 464pg. Color. Oversized Hardcover. $75.00 US.


Anonymous said...

THANKS for posting this!! Great gift idea for my friends who adore the JLA! I, myself, am anxious to see the DVD.

Dixon said...

You're welcome. This is one book that's sure to delight anyone who enjoys reading about the JLA.