Tuesday, October 17, 2006

On Sale: Justice League Heroes

Justice League Heroes is being released today for PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Nintendo DS. Also available now is the Gameboy Advance variant of the game spotlighting the scarlet speedster, Justice League Heroes: The Flash.

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Dixon said...

Hello! Thanks as always for stopping in. Yes, I'm trying my best to keep the blog regularly updated, even if I have to really dig some days for a story.

I've been watching Legion of Superheroes, too. Although I doubt we'll be seeing any of the Flashes, I wouldn't be at all surprised if XS or the Tornado Twins make an appearance some day. The opening credits for the series suggest that the size and scope of the Legion will be the same as in the comics. That means that we'll probably be seeing a wide variety of members popping in from time to time. We're sure to see a speedster sooner or later!

Sadly, I agree with you regarding the current state of The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive. The stories have been very, very disappointing and the quality of the narratives have been just about awful. The book's in bad shape. We can only hope that changes lie ahead.