Monday, October 30, 2006

Reviews: Justice #8

Reviews are coming in for Justice #8, Alex Ross' epic tale that pits the Legion of Doom against the classic Justice League. This issue prominenty featured the Flash facing off against one of his most memorable nemeses, Captain Cold.
  • Troy Brownfield at Newsarama says, "If Justice isn't the coolest live action Challenge of the Superfriends that we're never gonna get, I don't know what is. Issue #8 also functions a lot like the other book I covered in that the Justice League of America functions pretty much for the first time in this series as a unit when they get a fairly clear understanding of what they are up against and what they need to do to fix things... The Flash's confrontation with Captain Cold was pretty money too. Credit Barry Allen with addressing what I always thought was weird about the villains' shortsightedness in taking heroes out of commission ('And that means you tried to kill everyone I hope to save until the day I die. That's a lot of people.'). Yeah, Cap. These heroes are saving you too."
  • Charles Wisniowski of FanBoyWonder feels that "this was by far the best issue of the 12 issue maxi series so far—both in the story and especially in the art. On the art, Doug Braithwaite and Alex Ross have definitely hit their stride. On the story, even with minimal action, it was the little things that made this issue—the Elongated Man/Plastic Man confrontation, Batman’s interrogation of Captain Cold and the tender moment between Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman as she contemplates the demise of her immortal life."

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