Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ira Schnapp

Laura Gjovaag's Aquaman Website is directing readers to Dial B for Blog, which has posted an articles concerning Ira Schnapp. Schnapp designed many of the DC Comics title logos during the great Silver Age, including the now famous title logo for The Flash, a logo so iconic that it continued in use throughout the vast majority of the scarlet speedster's adventures and became the basis for most future incarnations! Mike Tiefenbacher at Dial B for Blog has posted an overview of Schnapp's work and a gallery of his title logos and house ads from the era.

It seems to me that in his letter columns, DC editor Julie Schwartz may, at some point, have mentioned who designed the original Strange Adventures and Mystery in Space logos, a style inspired by the interior logo done for the Sensation Comics strip Astra, Girl of the Future. The same designer must also have done logos for House of Mystery, My Greatest Adventure, House of Secrets, The Flash, and The Atom. This same person redesigned the Batman logo in 1965... The designer is Ira Schnapp.

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