Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Quick Quiz: Favorite Black Lantern?

With the cosmos-churning Blackest Night crossover event consuming comic stands and comic fans everywhere, our regular Quick Quiz feature turned its attention to the grim, villainous horde of undead tormenting the denizens of the DC Universe. In addition to allowing Barry Allen to assume the dazzling mantle of a Blue Lantern, Blackest Night: The Flash resurrected a number of his fallen foes--including Golden Glider, the Top, Rainbow Raider, Captain Boomerang--in terrifying new guises. Of these deceased members of the Flash's Rogues Gallery, who was your favorite Black Lantern?

Golden Glider, deceased since the release of The Flash (v.2) #113 back in May of 1996, picked up 9% of all votes. The Top--a villain who seems to alternate between life and death on a regular, rotating basis and has surely faced his end more often than most comic book characters--leapt into the lead with an impressive 27% of the vote. Sam Scudder, the original Mirror Master, earned the attentions of 14% of all respondents. The one and only Rainbow Raider, now robbed of his precious colors, took another 9% of the tally. James Jesse, the original Trickster, seized 14% of the vote. 9% of the blog's readers chose Digger Harkness, the original Captain Boomerang. Last, but certainly not least, at least 18% of all respondents selected Professor Zoom, the Reverse Flash. A meager twenty-two readers participated in this particular poll.

By now, of course, Blackest Night has been brought to its close. Of all those classic comic heroes and villains who were brought roaring back to life, who was your favorite Black Lantern to feature in the event? Which of the scarlet speedster's Rogues earned your vote? Be sure to take a moment to let us know using the comment facility below.


Anonymous said...

Aw yeah, go Roscoe!

I forget if I voted on this, but I would have voted for him. Then again, ALL my favourite Rogues are dead, so it's a tough call.

Anonymous said...

Woot! Nice to see the Top kicked butt here! Now he just needs to come back to the Flash pages! :P