Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Upcoming: The Flash #1

And you thought The Flash: Rebirth would never end! The fastest man alive begins his race anew with an all-new The Flash #1 this April. The series launches with the tantalizingly titled "The Dastardly Death of the Rogues!" Plus, it's been announced that the latest ongoing series will bear the Brightest Day banner, tying Barry Allen's ongoing adventures to the latest year-long DC Comics event. Honestly? I'm far more excited about seeing artist Francis Manapul show us how he sees the scarlet speedster! For more details, visit DC Comics or Newsarama.

Written by Geoff Johns; Art, cover and variant cover by Francis Manapul; Variant cover by Tony Harris. A Brightest Day tie-in! Get in on the ground floor of DC’s next epic in the making! The Flash races out of Blackest Night and into his own monthly title as the all-new adventures of The Fastest Man Alive start with “Case One: The Dastardly Death of the Rogues! ” Barry Allen runs back to his life in Central City, but when one of the Rogues turns up murdered under mysterious circumstances, it’s up to The Flash to not only solve this bizarre crime, but protect those that are still targeted by the elusive killer. Plus, don’t miss a peek into the future of the Flash universe in this special, extra-sized starting point issue! DC Universe. 40pg. Color. $3.99 US. On Sale April 14, 2010.


Luke said...

I am super-psyched for this series. Been reading Showcase Presents: The Flash v.2 (a Christmas gift from my wife) and it has really gotten me in the mood from some classic Flash action.

Dixon said...

I'm with you, Luke! The arrival of the new series is something to be excited about. Here's hoping that the upcoming issues continue in the greatest traditions of that "classic Flash action."