Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Onomatopoeia: KRAM!

KRAM!: That curt, clipped, tremendously bold-faced four letter word, accented with a mere exclamation point, used throughout the issue to announce the arrival of the villainous Dreadnought, demonstrates that even the simplest of onomatopoeia can be potent when backed up with appropriately evocative narration. I'll leave the description in the capable hands of Mr. Len Wein: "Thunder in the afternoon--the deafening roar of an awesome machine as it churns its way through the cluttered streets of Central City. This is the Dreadnought--pile-driving juggernaut of crime--which appears from nowhere and vanishes with equal agility--leaving crumbling devastating in its wake--yet no trace of a trail to follow!" There is, without a doubt, a profound poetry inherent to these comic books.

Issue: The Flash #217 (August-September 1972)

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