Monday, February 01, 2010

Crisis On Earth-Blog: The DC Challenge

Some threats are too big for one hero to handle. Some crises encompass more than one world in the multiverse. Certain epic adventures call for a crossover! Prepare yourself for the great DC Challenge!

If you've made your way to Crimson Lightning from another blog, congratulations on your quick thinking! You're on the right track! The fastest man alive would be proud. Keep your wits about you as you face the next obstacle in you quest.

For our most recent Crisis on Earth-Blog crossover event, a formidable collective of superhero blogs from across the known multiverse have banded together to present our readers with a plethora of interconnected puzzles, quizzes, and interactive stories. This elaborate game is, without a doubt, our most ambitious crossover event to date! Knowledge concerning the various heroes and villains of the DC Universe is a must, of course, but the solutions to these trials can be easily found in each blog's archives. (And you thought that all of that obscure trivia concerning the monarch of motion that you've picked up at Crimson Lightning would never come in handy.) The individual challenges will prove both creative and formidable but there will be virtual prizes to encourage your efforts. Each participating blog will feature a fragment from a piece of classic comic book artwork--take a look at that dynamic portrait of the scarlet speedster at the top of the page!--and each correct answer will bring you one step closer to the bigger picture! As our fearless leader Frank Lee Delano explains, "Each blog contributes to a meta-challenge, helping you get closer to scans of obscure art and even more blogging fun than most folks can handle!"

Are you game? Try your hand at one of the Flash-themed puzzles posted below and see if you can complete the DC Challenge!

1. Speedster Crossword: Barry Allen and Wally West are but two of the DC Universe's many astonishing speedsters. The crossword puzzle below has been compiled using clues associated with fourteen characters possessing super-speed powers, figures from classical mythology as well as the pages of both classic and recent issues of the scarlet speedster's own comic book. The objective is simple. Complete the crossword using the clues provided. Once you've affirmed your extensive knowledge of the science of super-speed, select the letters that fall within those boxes highlighted with a yellow dot and unscramble them to reveal the surprising solution to the challenge!

The name of an illustrious comic book hero has been concealed in the crisscrossed puzzle above. Now that you've broken the code, you can proceed to the next phase of the challenge. Who is the legendary hero whose name appears scattered in this crossword?

A) Wonder Woman
B) Adam Strange
C) Black Canary
D) Johnny Quick

2. Rogue Scramble: The names of eight prominent members of the scarlet speedster's infamous Rogues Gallery have been scrambled below. Unscramble each of the names. But wait, there's more! Once your deciphering is complete, pick out the letters that appear in those boxes marked by a yellow dot and unscramble them to reveal the solution to this perplexing challenge!

In the above puzzle, the scarlet speedster's supervillains have tried to obscure the name of one of the DC Universe's great champions. Who is the hero whose legendary name has been hidden here?

A) Plastic Man
B) Doctor Fate
C) Green Arrow
D) Max Mercury

Good luck to all. And, most importantly of all, have fun! We hope you enjoy the DC Challenge!


LissBirds said...

Wow...that crossword is really challenging. Nice job on that--I like how you hid a secret answer in both challenges. :D

Dixon said...

Thanks, Liss! I do hope that the crossword didn't prove prohibitively challenging.

Diabolu Frank said...

Forget Barry Allen-- I'm the real slowpoke! Dug the digs, Dix! You offered up a cunning challenge!