Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sight and Sound: "Divided We Fall"

"Divided We Fall," that standout installment of Cartoon Network's Justice League Unlimited discussed in our last installment of Sight and Sound, contains wonders far more mesmerizing than the knock-down, drag-out battle between the Justice League and the Justice Lords. You didn't think our discussion of the episode would end there, did you? In the animated adventure's jaw-dropping climax, the Flash unleashes the full brunt of his astonishing superpowers on the merged Brainiac-Luthor in a desperate attempt to save his teammates and the world. This is the Flash fighting without limits. The dizzying sequence introduces viewers to the speed force in reimagining concepts first explored in The Flash's epic "Terminal Velocity" story arc. In the aftermath of a battle in which the scarlet speedster has seeming perished, Superman struggles to restrain himself from finally murdering his arch-nemesis. Truly, the scene stands as one of the most memorable and powerful moments of the series and it serves as an exceptional showcase of the true extent of those unique abilities possessed by the fastest man alive. Watch... and be amazed!


Joe Dy said...

Easily my favorite Flash moment on TV ever.

Everyone who ever thought Flash just runs fast should see this.

Dixon said...

You're right about that, Joe. The action here is just brilliant, and it reveals the true power possessed by the fastest man alive.