Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fast Talk: Inspirational Speed

Inspirational Speed: On the eve of Barry Allen's triumphant return, there's been much debate regarding how the second scarlet speedster's powers compare with those of his predecessor or successors. Was Jay Garrick as fast as Barry Allen? Regardless of the speed science involved, the first Flash's wife isn't willing to underestimate the power of a positive example! In a telephone interview with Dr. Tina McGee, Joan Garrick explains that her husband didn't share the voracious appetite and high-speed metabolism of Wally West, but he couldn't quite match the speeds demonstrated by his successors either. Nevertheless, she observes that the inspiration imbued by Barry Allen was a superpower in and of itself! "He was never as fast as Barry, although he always used to say that he felt faster whenever Barry Allen was around. 'That boy makes me feel twenty again,' he used to say." Clearly, whatever Dr. McGee might have to say on the subject of speedster biology, there's an element of speedster psychology involved as well!

Issue: The Flash (v.2) #24 (March 1989)

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