Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quick Quiz: Favorite Writer?

The results are in! Last month's Quick Quiz asked the blog's readers to rank the scribes behind Wally West's run in his own title, which came to an end with The Flash (v.2) #247. Who is your favorite regular writer from The Flash (v.2)? Truly, the third scarlet speedster was blessed, having been continuously guided by some of the best in the business. With such an esteemed line-up of talented creators at the fore, this poll presented a difficult choice indeed.

Mike Baron, the writer who launched The Flash's second volume back in 1987 and successfully established young Wallace West as a top-tier superhero, received 4% of the vote. William Messner-Loebs, well-remembered for developing a colorful cast of supporting characters for the book, earned a small but significant 6% of all votes. Mark Waid, whose work on the title is nothing less than legendary, took top place in the poll with 53% of the vote. Lastly, the appropriately acclaimed Geoff Johns, who will continue to script the adventures of the fastest man alive in the upcoming The Flash: Rebirth, seized a further 43% of the vote. None of the poll's respondents elected to vote in the Other category, a selection that could have conceivably been used to represent Brian Augustyn, Joey Cavalieri, Tom Peyer, or certain other writers who made their own noteworthy contributions to the series. There were forty-three respondents in all.

For any reader familiar with the bold storylines and beloved characters seen throughout The Flash's second volume, the results of this poll will likely be unsurprising. Mark Waid's contributions to the title are cherished by all those comic fans who had the good fortune to pick up one of his issues and his writing undeniable elevated The Flash to must-buy status. Similarly, Geoff Johns is brilliant, and the adventures he imagined for the monarch of motion were both arresting and ambitious. It's no wonder that The Flash: Rebirth is so highly anticipated. Which of the four comic writers did you choose as your favorite? What unforgettable tales or characters from The Flash (v.2) helped to decide your vote? Please, take a moment and let us know what you think using the comment facility below.

It is now February and, with Valentine's Day on the way, love is in the air. Thus, with our next Quick Quiz poll, I thought it time that we turned our attention to that driving sense of heartfelt romance that kept each of the Flashes charging onward. Where would our fleet-footed heroes be without the influence of women such as Joan Garrick, Iris Allen, Fiona Webb, Tina McGee, Linda Park, or Valerie Perez? In each generation, the fastest man alive might aptly be described as the fastest man in love! Of these brilliant and beautiful leading ladies, women who have been romantically involved with the fastest man alive, which stands as your favorite character? Let us know in this month's Quick Quiz, to be found in the right-hand sidebar.


Shana Jean said...

My "Other" vote in the new poll goes to Carol Bucklen, Bart's first girlfriend. Alas, she is very missed.

Dixon said...

Thanks for specifying, Shana. I'll make a note of this and be sure to mention it when we recount the results of the current poll.