Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fast Talk: Dual Identities

Dual Identities: Someone should commission a study on the potential impact of secret identities on the psychology of metahumans. The sooner the better, I'd say. At the very least, I am thankful that Jay Garrick long ago abandoned his attempts to maintain a dual identity. The strain seems to have been too much for him. In this adventure, the fastest man alive strives to crack the case of a jewel theft in which Jay Garrick, his alter ego, is a principal suspect. Pacing up and down in his lab, Jay contemplates the facts at hand: "The key to the whole case is this: the jewels were in Jay's topcoat pocket in the plane. But when he got dressed that morning, in his clothes back from the dry cleaner's, the jewels were not in his pocket." Yes, the Flash is consistently referring to himself in the third person. How can you read these panels without worrying about our hero's state of mind? Just how many superheroes risk a similar Jekyll and Hyde complex by maintaining dual identities?

Issue: All-Flash #28 (April-May 1947)

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