Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Quick Quiz: Favorite Rogue?

The latest Quick Quiz poll has run its course, and just in time for DC Comics's Faces of Evil event! The most recent survey turned its attention to the scarlet speedster's colorful collective of arch-villains in posing a perennial question: Who is your favorite member of the Flash's famous Rogues Gallery? Comic fans answered loud and clear.

Captain Cold speedily seized the top spot and finished with an impressive 33% of the vote. It looks as if the frozen felon really is the leader of the Rogues. Mirror Master fell into second place, reflecting 18% of the vote. 15% of the blog's readers recognized the Weather Wizard as their favored foe. Abra Kadabra conjured up no less than 12% of the vote, rounding out the top slots. The remaining Rogues, memorable though they may be, proved somewhat less popular. 5% of respondents selected Hartley Rathaway, the Pied Piper, as a personal favorite. A further 5% looked to Captain Boomerang. 3% of respondents chose the ever-unpredictable Trickster as their villain of choice. Heat Wave, coming in dead last, earned a slim 2% of the vote. At least 7% of all those who voted--disappointed by the exclusion of the Top, Dr. Alchemy, the Golden Glider or the like--elected to cast their ballot in the "Other" category. Sixty readers took part in the poll.

This poll proved interesting. In my estimation, the most surprising result here is the relatively high ranking of Mark Mardon, the wicked Weather Wizard. I am also surprised that the Pied Piper and the Trickster did not earn more votes, particularly considering the former's substantial role as a supporting character in the series. My personal favorite member of the Flash's unrivaled Rogues Gallery has always been Abra Kadabra, that mad magician from the 64th century, especially in light of his characterization during several rather epic battles with Wally West. Which of the supervillains did you vote for? Tells us more about the reasons for your selection in the comments section below.

Following the recent publication of The Flash (v.2) #247, the apparent finish of the third scarlet speedster's run in his own title, our next Quick Quiz turns its attentions to the talented scribes who plotted Wallace's many illustrious adventures. Who is your favorite regular writer from The Flash (v.2)?


Diabolu Frank said...

I missed this poll entirely, I'm afraid. Otherwise, Captain Boomerang would have risen to 7% of the vote. Suicide Squad put him well over with me.

Joe Dy said...

I think I found I like Piper more as a supporting cast member than a villain. I hope they put him back on that role.

I personally think he can be placed on the Suicide Squad now as one of the good guys.

I still love all the Rogues, even Trickster, Heatwave, Doc Alchemy, Heatwave and the guys who placed last. But my favorite remains Captain Cold.

Anonymous said...

Heatwave was the biggest surprise for me. I really like him as a rouge and Im extremly surprised he came in last.

I myself voted for Cap'n Cold

Dixon said...

Thanks for commenting, everyone! Boomerang, Piper, and the Trickster have all had significant roles in other series, it's true. It's surprising they didn't rank higher because of this. It's unsurprising, however, that so many placed their vote for Captain Cold. For my money, he remains the most distinct and well-drawn Rogue.

Joe Dy said...

Hey Logan

Way I see it, it's not that Heat Wave is not well-liked, it's just that he's not number one on most people's lists.

I would love to see Heatwave get more exposure. And as a villain again. Was never really too keen on that meek 90s / Cadmus Heatwave.

JH said...

Abra Kadabra isn't a "Rogue" in my book...especially since he tried to kill them (end of Barry's run) and succeeded (Underworld Unleashed)