Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fast Talk: Solid Light Particles

Solid Light Particles: In this florid follow-up to last week's colorful installment of Fast Talk, a not-so scarlet speedster pursues the Rainbow Raider after having all pigmentation drained from his body. (Those healthy flesh tones you're seeing in Barry's cheeks? That's right, it's make-up applied to spare him public embarrassment. Honestly, I'd have to say that I'm more embarassed to see my favorite superhero running about the city in a bleached costume and cheap cosmetics!) Unfortunately, the fastest man alive is having some trouble getting the drop on the meanspirited Roy G. Bivolo because his chromatic deficiency is inexplicably prompting some disconcerting biological side effects. The distracted black-and-white hero can't help but think, "The color-drain took more out of me than I thought! Already feel like I've run a million miles!" What is it that the Flash is so desperately attempting to scale at super-speed? Why, the multi-colored rainbow bridge the Raider often uses to ride through the skies over Central City, a construct evidentally composed of "microscopic solid light particles." Barry can find some consolation in the fact that the Rainbow Raider has seemingly solved one of science's great mysteries, the nature of light's wave-particle duality!

Issue: The Flash #286 (June 1980)

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