Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Funky Winkerbean (2008)

Flash fan Jason "Papa Zero" recently wrote to me to generously submit a couple of newspaper clippings concerning the crimson comet from the Houston Chronicle, including this amusing comic strip, an installment of Tom Batiuk's long-running Funky Winkerbean. The unusual strip represents "a fond funky salute to Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson," offering a blatant homage to that unforgettable classic cover that first appeared on the face of The Flash #115. This installment of Funky Winkerbean ran in newspapers on 26 October 2008. It's always fun to find a connection, any sort of fraternal link, between daily newspaper strips like this and their comic book counterparts. Thanks, Jason!


Anonymous said...

My pleasure... I appreciate the time and effort put into both this blog as well as speedforce as a means for me to keep up with and look back on my favorite hero. Exactly two years ago today I was diagnosed with brain cancer - and in the time since then I've been afforded time to look back at some of the things I used to enjoy when I was younger. I suppose Flash comics are like warm comfort food.

Dixon said...

Thanks again for your contribution, Jason, and for your kind words regarding the blog. If these postings have brought even a little joy, then this silly little blog will have served its purpose. I know precisely what you mean when you speak of comic book stories and superheroes acting as "warm comfort food." It's the very same reason I continue to post here. There's a comforting innocence to these experiences, and it's something worth reliving.