Saturday, July 22, 2006

Justice League Animated?

The scarlet speedster's first foray into feature films may be animated rather than filmed. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Warner Bros. is considering an animated feature that will chronicle an epic adventure of the Justice League of America. The Superman Homepage has also posted an excerpt from Issue 888 (July 28, 2006) of the magazine. The article, entitled "Comic Booked," specifically cites the Flash as one of the characters Warner Bros. is hoping to launch into his own franchise and suggests that a Justice League film may be one way to establish the character with audiences. Considering the success Warner Bros. Animation has had with DC properties, it doesn't seem like a bad idea.

Superman has returned. Batman has begun again too. Might we ever see these Super Friends share the screen? Count on it, true believers -- but not in the flesh. EW has learned that Warner Bros. is developing what could be the greatest spandex story ever told. The concept doesn't only involve the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight, but their cohorts in the Justice League of America, too. The animated movie -- part of a larger superhero-related Warner media initiative -- is likely to be based upon a famous comic saga. One possibility: an adaptation of Identity Crisis, a 2004 murder-mystery smash written by novelist Brad Meltzer that could be used to launch the likes of Green Arrow and The Flash into their own films, 'toon or otherwise. One request: No Gleek, please.

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great news, I hope this happens. BTW great blog to go with a great website!

Dixon said...

Yes, it would be nice to see the JLA properly brought to the big screen. Thanks for the comments! I really appreciate it, and I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the sites.