Friday, May 21, 2010

Classic Covers: The Flash (v.2) #158


KentButabi said...

Concerning Wally's new threads, it's too bad they didn't go with something that more-resembles Walter's costume.

Kelson said...

Yeah, a combination of what they ended up with and the shoulder lightning bolt would have (IMO) struck a great balance between looking different at a glance and still looking like the Flash.

I do like the new outfit, but unfortunately it depends too much on the details, and we've already seen how easy it is for them to get lost in the shuffle.

Dixon said...

I was sincerely hoping that Wally West's change of costume in The Flash: Rebirth would be based upon either his old Kid Flash costume--which might have been a bit confusing, given Bart's current persona--or the black and silver Dark Flash uniform. Needless to say, I was rather stunned to discover that it was based on... the costume from the old Flash television series?!

nyrdyv said...

By far one of the better covers!


Steven G. Willis