Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Mother Goose & Grimm (2009)

Every time that our friend Papa Zero spots a reference to the fastest man alive in the Houston Chronicle's funny pages he is kind enough to take the time to clip the strip for us and send it along to Crimson Lightning, and I'm mighty glad that he does. Here's a recent entry. This installment of Mother Goose & Grimm by Mike Peters, featuring a mishmash of popular superheroes and a joke that's just about as old as the scarlet speedster himself, ran in newspapers nationwide on 2 August 2009. It's nice to know that the Flash has the sort of name recognition that allows him to serve as the center of a gag like this, presented in a panel that doesn't even feature the character himself! Thanks again, Jason!


KentButabi said...

Man, is it me or do DC & MARVEL characters just look odd next to each other - no matter the art.

Dixon said...

You're so right, Kent! It's not just you, not at all. Spider-Man just looks so out of place sitting there, for so many reasons, and it would be the same with any number of other Marvel characters.