Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quick Quiz: Most Wanted Resurrection?

The Flash: Rebirth is providing comic fans with further evidence that death has no hold over the colorful characters that populate our favorite comic books, and the forthcoming Green Lantern epic Blackest Night is set to take full narrative advantage of this unpredictable fact of four-color life. May's Quick Quiz poll asked readers to consider a number of significant deaths in the crimson comet's own corner of the DC Universe. Of the Flash's fallen friends and foes, which character would you most like to see resurrected?

A slim 3% of respondents cast their vote for Golden Age speedster Johnny Quick, who merged with the speed force during a battle with Savitar in Mark Waid's "Dead Heat" storyline. Savitar, of course, has also since met his end. Max Mercury, zen master of speed and onetime mentor to Impulse, lead this particular poll by earning 36% of the vote. Clearly, readers feel that Max's race is not yet run. 16% of all respondents championed Elongated Man Ralph Dibny, who is now one-half of a ghostly husband-and-wife detective team(!), for the rebirth treatment. Professor Zoom, who served as arch-nemesis to the second scarlet speedster, also stole away 16% of the votes. Considering Barry Allen's resurrection, it's unlikely we've heard the last of the Reverse-Flash. 13% of readers would like to see the return of James Jesse, the original Trickster. A slim 3% of participants selected this poll's wildcard, demanding more from the offbeat Rainbow Raider. Lastly, at least 10% of the blog's readers cast their vote in the Other category. Not a single vote was cast for Inertia, the evil speedster responsible for orchestrating Bart Allen's own short-lived death. Thirty comic fans participated in this poll.

The Flash: Rebirth is, of course, ongoing and each new issue continues to shake up the crimson comet's cast of supporting characters. The Black Flash, who delivers death to all speedsters, is being redefined along with the speed force and heroes and villains from across the DC Universe are falling as a result of Barry Allen's resurrection. Time will tell how this epic mini-series will ultimately alter the mythology of the fastest man alive, but it seems a certainty that Barry won't be the only character brought screaming back to life by Geoff Johns. Which of the memorable allies and rogues listed above would you most like to see return to the pages of The Flash? Which noteworthy corpses were conspicuous in their absence during this particular poll? Please, take a moment and let us know what you think using the comment facility below.

The next Quick Quiz is coming soon, but before the poll is posted in its usual sidebar spot, I'd like to take the time to gather some preliminary thoughts and opinions from the blog's readers. Inspired by a suggestion from our friend Frank Lee Delano, the next Crimson Lightning survey will ask respondents to imagine the scarlet speedster taking his first strides on the big screen! Who should star in the motion picture adaptation of The Flash? Leave a comment below and let us know!


brandan said...

Joshua Jackson would be perfect for a Wally movie. Kill Barry early on and its basically Wally character development time!

Dixon said...

Joshua Jackson, eh? Thanks for the suggestion, Brandan. You also raise another important question, one that I'm also hoping folks will comment on: which of the Flashes should feature in the film?