Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Quick Quiz: Interest in Rebirth?

The first and second chapters of Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver's long-awaited The Flash: Rebirth have been released and the stunning story of Barry Allen's traumatic resurrection is beginning to unfold. With the first issue of The Flash: Rebirth hitting the comic shops amid much hype, last month's Quick Quiz posed a pertinent question: At its outset, how would you characterize your interest in this epic mini-series?

Nearly half of the poll's respondents, 48% of all readers, expressed some degree of excitement regarding The Flash: Rebirth. DC Comics's emphatic promotion of the event has clearly achieved its goals. 16% of voters more cautiously chose to describe their interest as mere curiosity. 9% of readers are apathetic regarding Barry Allen's return. At least 6% of respondents expressed outright frustration. Lastly, 18% of the poll's participants are uncertain regarding their level of interest in the mini-series. Forty-three voters took part in the poll.

How would you describe your feelings regarding The Flash: Rebirth? How do you rate the first issue? Please, take some time to register your thoughts using the comment facility below.

The first chapter of The Flash: Rebirth provided readers with more questions than answers, of course. In spite of the expected celebratory hero worship, there's a great deal of mystery and conflict surrounding the second scarlet speedster's return. This storyline is only getting started! It's clear that reader opinion of the series may shift dramatically as the series continues. Another, similar poll may be called for following the mini-series' conclusion.

The Flash: Rebirth provides further proof that death ultimately has little meaning in the DC Universe, and the upcoming Blackest Night crossover promises to use such a constant to great dramatic effect. The dead are destined to rise! Thus, this understanding of an uneasy immortality in the four-color world inspires our next poll question. The Flash has lost many friends over the years--friends like Johnny Quick, Max Mercury, and Ralph Dibny. Many of the monarch of motion's greatest foes have also shuffled off their mortal coils--including Professor Zoom, the first Trickster, and Inertia. Of these fallen friends and foes of the fastest man alive, which character would you most like to see resurrected?

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