Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On Indexing

When this blog stumbled and came to a standstill last year, updates over at the Crimson Lightning comic index became few and far between as well. As I am preparing to do a little more blogging, I'm also doing my best to catch up with the crimson comet and to bring the series index up-to-speed. The Flash #238, featuring part one of Tom Peyer's "Fast Money" storyline, is the latest issue to be added to the incomplete series index. Other recent installments will follow in the coming weeks. As it has been revealed that the current volume will be ending--yes, again!--with The Flash #247, and The Flash: Rebirth has been slated for release in April of 2009, I should have some time to get caught up. (Though I know there's a lot on the horizon for the Flash family, there's something quite painful about receiving that letter from DC Comics announcing that the current series will be coming to an end.) As always, keep your eye on the Crimson Lightning site for updates.

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