Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mas y Menos

Titans Tower, an excellent site that's always up to speed on the team of teenaged superheroes, has posted some new information about the Teen Titans from recent issues of the title. Teen Titans #38 reveals all those heroes who were a part of the team during the missing year leading up to the DC Universe's One Year Later. Among those familiar faces in the line-up are Mas y Menos, the Spanish-speaking speedsters from Cartoon Network's Teen Titans. As Bill Walko notes, this marks the comic book debut of the characters.

Also on offer at the Titans Tower Monitor Room is a glimpse at Wizard #180's profile of Deathstroke's new Titans East roster, a group that includes Inertia. It's been promised that the villainous speedster, an evil clone of Bart Allen, will be appearing in both Teen Titans and The Flash in the near future. Though Bart is no longer Kid Flash, it seems certain that speedsters will remain connected with the Teen Titans in the days ahead.

Teen Titans #38 revealed all the Titans that were members during the missing year! ...Mas Y Menos make their comic book debut with Teen Titans #38. The twin speedsters were created for the Teen Titans animated series, which aired on Cartoon Network from 2003-2005. They debuted in the third season episode, "Titans East [parts 1 and 2]".

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