Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Market Watch

Looking for a back issue that's gaining comic market momentum? According to their website, the Wizard Market Watch is keeping its eye on Impulse #50, featuring the first appearance of Inertia. As Wizard notes, the cloned speedster has been appearing frequently of late in the DC Universe, and it's a safe bet that his role in the Flash's Rogues Gallery will only become more prominent as Bart Allen settles into the scarlet speedster's costume.

Wizard Price Guide magicians David Paggi and Rickey Purdin take readers behind the scenes to let them know what comics they should be paying attention to and what books are moving in stores around the world... He’s been giving Bart Allen some crap for the last few issues of Flash: The Fastest Man Alive, but don’t forget that Inertia, the evil “Reverse Kid Flash,” will soon up his villain cache as a member of the Titans East in the next arc of Teen Titans. Inertia first appeared in Impulse #50, so get out there and find out why this little jerk angers Flash so much before his debut starts racing away from back-issue bins.


West said...

First of all, I'm surprised that I don't own that issue (Impulse #50). I'm too lazy to pull out my Treo and check my collection (so sad, I know) catalog.

I've gotta say, though, that I'm not fond of Inertia's return, for at least a couple of reasons:

First, it's odd for this grown man to be chased around by a little kid who wants to kill him.

I like the idea of using Impulse's old villain(s), despite the fact that DC's all but destroyed the character, but this just feels odd.

Maybe that'll change in time.

My other gripe turned out to be factually inaccurate, as I thought Inertia had entered and returned from the Speed Force. However, Wikipedia makes no mention of this having happened.

I will say, though, that ol' Thad needs a new set o' duds. MAN, that's one ugly outfit.

*shuts up now so he can e-mail 'Ringo about the picture that Wikipedia (inaccurately?) credits to him*

Kelson said...

Heh. What's sad is that they clearly took that image from my Inertia profile, where it's credited... but not to Wieringo. Unfortunately, Impulse #53 was drawn by committee, so all that's clear is it's some subset of Walt Simonson, Angel Unzueta, Scott Williams, and Keith Williams

(finally set up a Blogger account)

West said...

Good man.

Dixon said...

I'm glad to see that you've set up a Blogger account, Kelson! It'll be great to have you joining our discussions.