Thursday, January 11, 2007

Kyle Gallner as Impulse

The countdown to Smallville's "Justice" continues. Today the Comics Continuum has posted a few further details about next week's episode, confirming Bart Allen's superhero identity and presenting a proper portrait of the Smallville Justice League.

The CW has confirmed that Bart Allen will be known as Impulse, and not the Flash, in the upcoming "Justice" episode of Smallville. The network has also released a group image of the heroes from the episode. The image shows, from left, Kyle Gallner as Bart Allen/Impluse; Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow; Tom Welling as Clark Kent; Alan Ritchson as Arthur Curry/Aquaman; and Lee Thompson Young as Victor Stone/Cyborg. "Justice" is scheduled to air on January 18, and sources have told the Continuum that at least one of the characters will appear on Smallville again before the end of the sixth season.


kasmet said...

So, are you hosting a "Justice" viewing party? Would be fun, don't you think?? Anyway, can't wait for the episode and to discuss it further with you!

Dixon said...

A viewing party, eh? Now there's a fun idea. I don't usually care for Smallville as a series, but as they're including more and more elements of the DC Universe in the show's mythology I'm finding it hard to resist watching. Here's hoping "Justice" is as entertaining as it can be.

kasmet said...

Oh, alright, Dixon. Can't use any rhetorical appeals here, I see. Hopefully, hopefully, "Justice" will work some magic to aid in your becoming a Smallville fan. I'll keep the viewing party in mind for later in the series this year okay (?)