Friday, April 30, 2010

Classic Covers: The Flash (v.2) #97


rob! said...

Dman, "Ringo" was good.

Dixon said...

You can say that again, Rob. Ringo was wonderful, and he was taken from comicdom far too soon.

KentButabi said...
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KentButabi said...

It took me a while to warm up to his art. I was such a fan of Greg LaRocque and was crushed when he left the book. Do we know why?

Greg's are was OK when he started on the book. However, with issue number 50 something seemed to happen. His art began to explode off the page for me. The apex of his FLASH work was THE RETURN OF BARRY ALLEN, and I was in total disbelief with every turn of the page. He definitely saved the best for last. One of my most prized comics posessions is an original page of art from Greg.

I feel the same way about Mike's art too. At first it was just OK for me, and I probably was a tad biased. As time went on he really started to show off his stuff. Just like Greg, I felt that Mike saved the best for one of his last full issues, FLASH #0.

His legacy lives on in the legacy of the FLASH mythos through Bart.

Long live the FLASH.