Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Onomatopoeia: TAPTAPTAP

TAPTAPTAP: If I were to suddenly find myself in the four-color world, writing this blog entry from within the pages of the crimson comet's comic book, this is the string of letters that would be etched upon the air somewhere above my keyboard. I can just see it now. It is the onomatopoeia that has echoed throughout the mind of every writer since the invention of the typewriter. Of course, as I return to regular blog updates after nearly a month away from the keyboard, scenes such as this serve to remind us that the fastest man alive could write and maintain this blog far more quickly and efficiently than I can! (To make up for some lost time, this week's Onomatopoeia comes with a pair bonuses! Enjoy BEEP and WHRRRR, too!)

Issue: The Flash (v.2) #82 (Early October 1993)


rob! said...

Does The Flash go faster than the computer? If so, all those keystrokes are for naught!

Dixon said...

Oh, Rob. Must you spoil our fun with cold, hard facts from the real world of computing?